Normalize money.

Normalize wealth.

Normalize abundance.

Normalize living the life you dream of.

Deep breath.

Money is such a loaded topic.

We want more, but feel greedy for it. We see the poor and it makes us feel bad for wanting to be rich. We constantly justify why we want more of it. We feel we need it, but feel bad for needing it. We hide from it, but want more of it.


Next to sex, it’s probably one of the most uncomfortable topics to discuss with friends, parents, partners, family, out loud...period.

But here’s the thing - money is just a tool. It’s the meaning WE put on it and how WE use it that matters.

We don’t help others by having less. When good people have more money, they do more good things. And while having less doesn’t mean that you won’t do good things, it means that you can do even more if you had it.

So be real with yourself.


Do you want to invite in more money? Do you have hopes, dreams and desires for you and your family that more money would support? Do you have a business you want to finance? A new career you’d like to move into? A trip you want to take? A house you want to buy? Renovations you want to do? Put your kids in the best schools? 

Whatever it is for you, you deserve to have it.

Stop making money such a heavy topic and start having a supportive relationship with it. Money is just energy and should not be the reason you cannot be, do or have something you desire.

Everything you’ve been taught about money is probably false and has been passed on to you generation by generation. It’s not your fault.  Let it go!


Those around you were just doing the best they can with the resources they had, and that’s all you are doing now.


But now is your chance to change that.


Now is your chance to create a mindset of abundance - where money supports you. Where you know that no matter what it is you desire you are supported financially and can attract it. 

It’s especially important in the current climate when total industries are collapsing, changing or becoming obsolete. Where the way we do business is changing everyday. Where gender and racial identity along with other societal labels are factored into how much you are being paid. 

What if you could change all of that and none of that mattered?  What if you knew YOU were in control of your income + that YOU can make ANY income you desire?  


Know this. There are wealthy women and poor women. There are wealthy entrepreneurs and poor ones. There are wealthy artists, singers, bankers, teachers, freelancers, doctors, clothing designers and there are poor ones. We are not meant to be here to suffer or struggle. We are meant to THRIVE and live ABUNDANTLY. I for one refuse to believe anything else!

So what is the difference?


If you said their upbringing, race, gender, luck etc...maybe.. BUT I’m here to call you on it! Those are the exact mindset shifts and limiting beliefs you need to shake to start attracting abundance and stop restricting the flow of it.

It all comes down to your self worth, value and beliefs. 

It’s time to learn the truth about money, how you can master it and invite in just the right amount you desire for you, for good!

Join my 2 Part MASTERCLASS where I take everything that I have learned about money and jam pack it into a course that will open your mind, heart + hopefully your wallet if you implement + integrate everything I share with you! It's time to UPGRADE your Money Mindset!

See here's the thing, everyone is so quick to hire a business coach or life coach, but how many are willing to INVEST in confronting their true feelings about money so that they can live in alignment + FLOW with the abundance that is natural to them. 

Its time to STOP restricting your flow of abundance start to ALIGN ENERGETICALLY WITH IT!

What Have You Been Told About Money? 
What Are Your Current Money Beliefs/Perceived Reality
Audit Your Current Money Position

Your Money Set Point
What Is Money Really? - The Truth About Money
Law of Attraction + other Universal Laws That Govern Money
What Is Your Why
Forgiving Yourself + Others For Past Money Beliefs
How To Change Your Money Story

Rewrite Your Money Store

How Create Your New Empowering Money Story 
What Do You Really Want?

How To Energetically Align With The Income You Desire
Visualize - Shift Your Subconscious Mind

See Yourself as the Highest Version Of Yourself

Secrets of A Wealthy Mind

How to Manifest Money - My 5 Step Process
Understanding Law of Compensation / How to Increase Your Income & Keep It

Track Your Income Like A Millionaire
Create Your Money Mantras
Your New Money Mindset

2 Part Live Series:
Monday Sept 28 7PM 
Tuesday Sept 29 7PM


Immediate access to Bonuses + Pre Work!


➔ My Top Money Mindset Resources 
➔ 5 Step Money Manifestation Worksheet
➔ Energy Audit Worksheet

➔ Journaling For Manifestation + Clarity E-Journal 

My Go To Money Mantras

 Money Games I Play To Increase Wealth

 Money Mindset Switches

Manifest - Your Money Goal Card


➔ Money Mindset, Wealth Alignment & Conscious Investment Podcast Recording
➔ Money Vibes Worksheet
Money Audit Worksheet

 What are Your Current Money Beliefs Worksheet

 Money Mindset Switches


What if I cannot join the livestream?
No problem! All teachings will be recorded Live + uploaded so that you have lifetime access.

Do you have payment plans?
Yes! This information is valuable and we want it to be accessible! Click this link for payment plan options.

Can you guarantee specific results?
While I am a FIRM BELIEVER in everything I am teaching as I have implemented it in my own life, I cannot control how you implement the materials and how you show up! This is not a do for you course it’s a do too– meaning we do this together, but you have to do the work. These are all the methods I have used to create a successful business + live the life I desire for me.

What is the format of the teachings?
Me, you + as many bad ass humans that are ready to live unapologetically as possible on Zoom live! You’ll get the chance to interact and ask questions on the way, take notes, do the exercises and receive the recordings!





My name is Sue and I am a mother, wife, entrepreneur, minimalist + investor. I am the owner of a consulting firm and success and lifestyle coaching practice. I am Black, have only had one job, never got a Masters + resigned from my job at a multi-billion dollar investment firm before I was 30. I own my own home, love to travel and create bomb experiences for my family and my friends. I can honestly say everyday I am living the life of my dreams and every day I get closer and closer to the next level. 

As a Black woman I am always reminded that I got “lucky” that I am successful only because of the industry that I work/worked in, that it is not “normal” to be my age and own my own home, work for myself, travel etc. I am constantly reminded that I should be grateful because it can be ripped away at any moment.

Well I’m here to change that. Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars on my money mindset. If you haven’t had to do that, because this was never something you had to deal with, great. But for some of us we have had to breakaway and let go of the money mindset taught to us by our community and society. We have to accept that it isn’t serving us and deal with all of that and then have the courage to let it go and step into a new version of us. We were forced to reinvent and that takes courage. Now we get to write our own story and it’s time that we NORMALIZE wealth, expect success, break unhealthy cycles and establish generational wealth and be unapologetic about it all.

If none of this appeals to you then this isn’t the Master Class for you, but if you want to work on your beliefs around money, attract more of it and KEEP it, then sign up.


See you in the Zoom.



for 1x Payment of $333

Only $111 for Immediate Access + 2x monthly Payments of $145

Why $333? Energetically its important that the value exchange signals to the Universe that you are ready for REAL change. Typically coaches charge thousands of dollars for these kinds of courses and I myself have invested thousands of dollars in courses, coaches, programs and books to reprogram my money mindset. But I’m cognizant that’s this sometimes means that those most deserving of this information don’t get access to it. So I am making this as affordable as possible while still making the financial commitment to signal that you are ready for massive shifts.

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