Visualize the dream career.

Visualize the dream business.

Visualize the dream vacation.

Visualize living the life you dream of.

Grab your glass of Prosecco, lets celebrate + dream BIG!

Join me for a 2 part event:

Masterclass + Live Vision Boarding Party!

Get excited!

Everyone loves vision boarding.

But what if you knew the SCIENCE behind vision boarding and WHY if done correctly is such an EFFECTIVE tool in manifesting all of your desires.

There is an ART to vision boarding.


Often times the new year rolls around and everyone starts vision boarding. Clipping things out of magazines, pasting cute quotes, adding all the glitter.

What if I told you none of that mattered?

There is an art to vision boarding and a science that once you tap into it and use it correctly you can literally create your life by your own design.


But you have to understand the science AND the process.


Have you vision boarded before and forgot about it before the month is out? Do you create a vision board and not know what to do with it next? Do you wait until New Year's Eve to start creating your vision? Have you created a board and have very little on the board manifest?

We all have a vision of our best life. It lives with us because we KNOW what we deserve and what we are capable of.

Stop wasting time creating vision boards without intention, processes and methods that support and promote their manifestation.

 Every single thing, place, experience was just an idea created in the mind FIRST before it manifested.

Create the vision backed by science, understand the process, follow the methods to implement the vision + watch your life change!




Join me for a Masterclass + Live Vision Board Party! We are now approaching the last 3 months of 2020. We have all had our fair share of ups and down, emotions as the world was shaken upside down and some of our realities turned inside out! It is NEVER too early to start creating the vision. Why wait until the New Year when you can formulate the vision NOW more intentionally and effectively so that you can manifest your desires.

The world seems to be changing everyday, but with a clear vision, solid focus, processes and methods you can create the life your desire despite all the change.

What if you could design your life on purpose?  What if you knew YOU were in control of your life + that YOU can be, do have anything you desire?  

I believe that EVERY business idea, perfect relationship, wealth, travel, dream life starts first with the vision. You can build your dream business or career, clients, travel destinations all from creating an intentional vision, on purpose by your own design!

Stop letting life happen to you + instead start creating it on purpose!

Why? Because there are dreamers and there are doers. 

So what is the difference?


Dreamers stop and dreaming. They create the vision, the forget about the vision. They dream again. They forget. They get frustrate and they forget.

Doers dream. But they also create the vision with intention and purpose, they take inspired action and they create their life on purpose.

It all comes down to creating a clear vision + taking inspired action




It’s time to learn how to create a clear vision and the science behind vision boarding so that you can create your life on purpose, by your own design. It bring so much joy, confirmation + confidence when you create your life on purpose and watch it manifest. Nothing is coincidence when you direct your energy and your vision on purpose.


Join this  2 Part MASTERCLASS where I take everything that I have learned about vison boarding, the science behind it, what makes and effective vision + the process implement the vision and jam pack it into a course that will open your mind + heart so that you can CREATE YOUR LIFE ON PURPOSE BY YOUR OWN DESIGN! Don't wait until the New Year! Create your vision NOW!

I believe when you understand the WHY behind the process of vision boarding and the science that supports it you can create ANYTHING you want. I started vision boarding when I first resigned from my job and CREATED everything using this method.

Its time to PAUSE, REFLECT + CREATE. Don't waste time and build your vision with intention.

12 Universal Laws that Govern the Universe
Understanding the Subconscious Mind
How the Mind Works

Audit Your Life

Gain Clarity

Create The Vision
My Exact Process for Vision Boarding

The "Secret" For Implementing Your Vision
Why This Process Works
How to Use This Process For All Areas Of Life

Creating Affirmations that Work
Understanding What Kind Of Manifestor Are You

 This isn't your regular Vision Board Party! Join me LIVE as we use all the information from the first masterclass to create our vision for the rest of 2020 and into 2021 together!  Together we will go through my step by step method to physically but more importantly ENERGETICALLY create and step into our vision. We will also go through the methods to implement + use the vision board for manifestation. We will use the combined energy of the group to create, vision + visualize together! This will be a guided vision board party! 

2 Part Live Series:
Part 1: Monday Nov 9th 7PM
Part 2: Monday November 16th 7PM Live Vision Board Party

* 7 Day Wellness Challenge Bonus from Monday Nov 9th - Monday Nov 16th to jumpstart the vibes for 2020 + 2021


➔ Manifestation Worksheet
➔ Energy Audit Worksheet 

Intro to Adaptogens for Stress Mini E-Journal

How to Create A Morning Routine Worksheet

Increase You Vibes Cheat Sheet

My Go To Manifestation Mantras

 How to Tackle Limiting Beliefs

 How to create Declarations for your Goals

Journal Prompts for Living Your Dream Life

➔ Vision Boarding How To Guide Summary


7 Day High Vibe Daily Challenge W/ Sue - Morning Routines, Eating Guides, Shopping Guides, Favorite Products + more. All done live together starting the day of the Masterclass! 


What if I cannot join the livestream?
No problem! All teachings will be recorded Live + uploaded so that you have lifetime access.


Do I have to join the Masterclass or can I just join for the Vision Board Party!

Feel free to join just for the Vision Board Party and create your vision board with us live! But, please listen to the recording prior to as it will contain KEY information for when we vision board LIVE.

Do you have payment plans?
Yes! This information is valuable and we want it to be accessible! Click this link for payment plan options.

Can you guarantee specific results?
While I am a FIRM BELIEVER in everything I am teaching as I have implemented it in my own life, I cannot control how you implement the materials and how you show up! This is not a do for you course it’s a do too– meaning we do this together, but you have to do the work. These are all the methods I have used to create a successful business + live the life I desire for me.

What is the format of the teachings?
Me teaching you on Zoom live! This allows you to ask any questions and gain clarity on the process. You’ll get the chance to interact and ask questions on the way, take notes, do the exercises and receive the recordings!


Why a masterclass and now a course?

While courses are very effective, a master class allows me to give ALL the information in a short time so that you don't waste any time implementing it! Its one of my favorite ways to teach, because if you are anything like me, I want all the knowledge, and I want it fast, because I want to dive in and do the work and make changes!




My name is Sue and I am a mother, wife, entrepreneur, minimalist + investor. I am the owner of a consulting firm and success and lifestyle coaching practice. I am Black, have only had one job, never got a Masters + resigned from my job at a multi-billion dollar investment firm before I was 30. I own my own home, love to travel and create bomb experiences for my family and my friends. I can honestly say everyday I am living the life of my dreams and every day I get closer and closer to the next level. 

But this wasn't always the case. I was working at an amazing firm, making great income, growing my career when I felt that I was called for more. I knew I had many interests (hello, Libra), but wanted to find a way to combine them all. 


Funny story, I created a vision board of what I thought I wanted my life to look like, hung it up and before I could even initiate the processes I am going to teach in the Mastercall the board fell behind the small space behind my built in closet. Something said maybe this isnt' the vision for me. I decided to deep dive into mindset + manifestation to truly understand why this had happened and how to create a vision.


I implemented everything I learned, decided once and for all I was going to create a life on purpose, of my own design, built a vision board and did the work necessary for the manifestation.


I'm here to tell you it worked. The picture above is from my dream vacation in Maui, Hawaii. This was on my vision board. I traveled for 6 weeks another vision. I worked from the jungle in Mexico for my consulting business, while maintaining Naked Zero. Another dream. I embodied confidence on a new level and stepped into this higher version of me. It wasn't without work, but I am SO proud I did it and now I want to teach it to all of you because we all deserve to live the biggest, fullest expression of ourselves. The box doesn't have to exist. It doesn't have to be either or. I now own a consulting firm and a coaching practice. I choose how many hour I work. I choose how long I travel. I live life on purpose and with intention.

If you are ready to create your life, business, career on purpose of your own design +ready to put in the work + be INSPIRED to take things to the next level then sign up.


See you in the Zoom.



for 1x Payment of $197

Only $97 for Immediate Access + 2x monthly Payments of $57

Why $197? Energetically its important that the value exchange signals to the Universe that you are ready for REAL change. Typically coaches charge thousands of dollars for these kinds of courses and I myself have invested thousands of dollars in courses, coaches, programs and books . But I’m cognizant that’s this sometimes means that those most deserving of this information don’t get access to it. So as with my other masterclasses, I am making this as affordable as possible while still making the financial commitment to signal that you are ready for massive shifts.

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